Why does my dog ​​drag his butt on the ground?

Surely you have ever seen your dog dragging its tail or bum on the ground, today in the terraviva blog we explain why this gesture comes.

The truth is that if they make that gesture, it is because they notice discomfort or itching and for them it is quite uncomfortable.

One reason may be because their anal glands have filled up, making them itchy, sore and uncomfortable.

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What are the anal glands?

They are tiny sacs responsible for releasing a substance that helps better defecation due to its lubricating characteristics. The smell is quite unpleasant, but it is characteristic of each animal.

What are they for?

When our pets defecate, the anal glands release a substance to leave their personal scent, it’s like their personal brand. They also serve to lubricate the anus and not cause discomfort when defecating.

And other reasons may be for:

-internal parasites. For them you have to deworm them and vaccinate them correctly.

-Diarrhea. Some dogs that are healthy try to remove any residue that remains.

In any of the three cases, it is advisable to go to your trusted veterinarian to indicate the guidelines to follow.

Other times the glands do not empty, and that is when our pet feels the itching and discomfort, which causes him to drag the anus to relieve the sensation. When they are not drained every X amount of time, the substance becomes thick and can plug the hole, when that happens you have to go to the vet.


For parasites, as we have talked about before, it is appropriate to deworm him once every three months and vaccinate him.

For diarrhea, we can clean it with a damp cloth to remove any remains.

And for the anal glands, as we have said, it is best to go to the vet.

Why does my dog ​​drag his butt on the ground?

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