Why do you like to stick your head out the window?

All of you who regularly use the car and have pets, without a doubt, will recognize that funny image of dogs leaning out of the window, sticking their heads out.

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But… Haven’t you wondered why they all share this peculiar custom?

Today in Terraviva Blog we solve the doubt:
Why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows?

The main reason is because of the immense amount of olfactory stimuli they get from sticking their heads out the window.

For them the universe of smells is satisfying since much of their brain is connected to smell.

If we speak in numbers we could say that the canine smell is 100 thousand times deeper and more powerful than that of a human being.

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Is it good that they do?

We must consider that our pet sticks his head out the window is something dangerous and we must be careful.

Why dangerous? Keep in mind that it is an animal, and for example I could jump out the window. We must adjust the window to a considerable height (always being careful not to hurt it when we are raising the glass).

If the car is going at high speed it could also impact with flying insects or harmful particles that could harm their ears, snout, or eyes.

Another reason to be careful is that when driving fast, the noise of the wind produces an annoying noise, which the sensitivity of dogs could affect their hearing.

For all these reasons, we advise you to watch your dogs if they stick their heads out the car window. Enjoying without consequences is something very simple and even more so now, with this little information. But most importantly, don’t get distracted from the wheel, When driving, always pay attention to the road.

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We leave you a blog about what to do so that your dog does not get dizzy in the car that is interesting in these cases.

Why Does My Dog Love to Stick His Head Out the Window?

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