Why do they bow their heads?

Surely many of you have gone through this situation that makes us so funny, however there are different opinions as to why they bow their heads.

image related to dog bowing its head

Many experts say that this adorable gesture is because they try to understand us by identifying the words or intonations that we transmit, such as: have you behaved well? Shall we go to the street? Do you want a candy?

*And speaking about the prizes, we are going to leave you a blog that we made to know what prizes to give.

But curiously, this gesture is not done by all dogs.

Other experts say that normally dogs that tilt their heads are the ones with the longest snout, so they would tilt their heads to have a greater angle of our mouth, apart from intonation and words, thus discovering our intentionality.

If you want, you can check it yourself by putting your closed fist on our nose, and observe how the vision is limited and you would have to tilt your head to have a greater field of vision.

More causes

There are more somewhat alarming causes that can be due to a disease, but already associated with symptoms such as:

-His ears are bleeding.

-Walks in circles or disoriented.

-Pain in the ears or head (does not stop moving the head).

-Hearing loss.

In this case we should immediately go to the vet to explain the cause of it.

As you can see there are several theories and none is 100% proven, you can always ask the vet to stay calmer.


Why does my dog ​​tilt his head when I talk to him? Terraviva

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