Why is your pet happy?

It doesn’t matter if you go out for 3 minutes to throw out the garbage or leave home to go to work; your pet always welcomes you happy and in the same way: Like months have passed since I haven’t seen you! It wags its tail, jumps, barks, you make its typical sweethearts… It gets upset each and every time it sees you arrive and meets you again, and… do you know why? Today in Terraviva Blog we tell you.

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Why does your furry friend get so happy every time he meets you?

The reasons why your dog is so happy when you come home they can be quite far from what you really think, because although it may be a bit surprising for you, your puppy has a lot to celebrate!

They feel you are part of their family. the canines they are very social animals and separated from their herd they do not like anything. When you have to leave home, your dog can feel a kind of separation stress. Keep in mind that when you separate it is something that your pet does not choose. That is why, when you return, your pet is very happy to be with you again.

-They do not accept voluntary separation. But what is it that makes a puppy so excited when you come home again? In the case of puppies, it is because they have not yet learned to accept detachment. Therefore his emotions are even more extreme and exaggerated. If you compare this to dogs that are already adults, it is also very simple: They’re happy when you’re around and sad when you’re not..

-For them it is part of a custom. For your pet, greeting is a kind of ritual with barks, jumps, sneezes, sniffs and kisses… There are many characteristic greetings! That they sniff so much has its very simple explanation, they want to know where you have been, if you have been with other puppies, etc. They are very curious!

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And now that you know something more about the emotional intelligence of your canine and of his great unconditional love for youdo you dare to tell us how your best friend receives you in the comments of our Facebook post? We look forward to hearing how do your pets!

Why Does Your Pet Get So Happy When You Come Home?

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