Why isn’t my canary singing?

If there is something that makes our soul happy, it is listening to our canary sing every day, but if you notice that it stops doing so, it could be for various reasons which we will explain below:

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Why did my canary stop singing?

  1. Maybe because he is a baby canary and he has to learn.
  2. Your canary is a female, because most female canaries don’t sing, they make a beeping sound.
  3. It’s molting season. This stage can be so stressful for them that they may stop singing for several months. Usually this usually happens from summer to fall.
  4. Poor nutrition.
  5. She’s sad. This can be due to a change in the cage, a small space with little or a lot of light, he is bored with his food or not having enough light.
  6. If you notice him having other symptoms such as: Constantly lying on the floor of the cage, bloating, or eating little, or conversely, eating too much, you should go to the vet because the canary may be sick.


If the diet is based solely on a simple mix, buy seeds that are richer and more varied. Complete with vegetables and fruits such as apples or broccoli but don’t give it every day, you can do it twice a week.

His cage should be bigger so he doesn’t feel cornered. It should be kept clean and always with fresh water.

The location of the cage should be in a place that gets natural light. Like us, they too need rest from light and sleep as it is advisable to cover them with a cloth at night and open them at dawn.

During the molting season, they require special care. It is important that during moult they do not receive too much light, so the moult period will be shorter.

If you have verified that your canary is not sick, nor is it female, nor is it a baby, it probably doesn’t know how to do it yet, teach it!

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Why Is My Canary Not Singing?

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