Turtle hibernation is a natural process in which heart function and respiratory rate decrease to a minimum, stop moving, eating, urinating, drinking, etc.

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Why not hibernate?

In this case, it is important to separate the two things.

  1. NO all turtles hibernate
  2. If you can’t hibernate, maybe because of various factors which we will discuss below

Check the temperature and lighting.

If you have them at natural summer temperatures, you keep them with at least 14 hours of light or you feed them normally, the turtles will not hibernate.

How do I make my turtle hibernate?

If you want your tortoise to hibernate indoors, you can put it in a wooden or cardboard box filled with newspapers. You have to find a dark and quiet place. Make sure the temperature doesn’t rise above 10ÂșC, as you may wake up and your metabolism will increase.

This will cause it to start burning fat and lower its temperature. So it will no longer have the necessary reserves to arrive in good condition until spring.

And in any case consult your veterinarian whether you are unsure whether your turtle is hibernating, or if you notice that it has sunken eyes, a shell injury, or is underweight.


Why Is My Turtle Not Hibernating?

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